Bizarre hashtags seem to have no end on Saudi Twitter, and the latest one to go viral is proof of that. 

Titled "Reem I love you so much, I swear," the hashtag was allegedly created by one Twitter user in an attempt to declare his love for a woman named Reem. 

The phrase broke the internet soon after, resulting in a few pretty hilarious responses. 

The hashtag that's all about the love:

Except not everyone was feeling it ...

Because why do this online?

"Someone fooled you and told you Reem lives on Twitter." 

"OK love her somewhere else ... what do we have to do with this?"

Some people were at a loss for words

To say the least

"Cheap sad music"

A few had some questions ...

Which were answered with memes

Pretty funny memes ...

"We're in 2018, follow us."

Savage responses, too

"When will these lovebird hashtags end?"

Not everyone was annoyed by the viral hashtag though

Some thought it was cute

"Reem right now"