If you're acquainted with Saudi Twitter, you know there's never a dull moment on there. 

Things weren't so different earlier this week when a Saudi tweep launched a hashtag in a bid to find a bride. 

However, his attempt hasn't gone down too well with people on the platform, with many hilariously trolling him over it. 

Yep, this actually trended on Saudi Twitter

"A handsome 30-year-old man wants to get married."

And no one could even with it

"When will people like him go extinct?"

No ... just no

Saudis hit back with this iconic Arab weapon

Because Twitter isn't a matchmaking/dating app

Saudi women were especially grossed out by the hashtag

"Me when I saw this hashtag"

"This is a matchmaker not a hashtag"

And they were all there for it

"You want to get married? Go knock on people's doors, don't come annoy us through this hashtag so early in the morning." 

Hitting back with hilarious tweets

"Looks like he lost hope in private chat and turned it into an entire trend." 

That were pretty savage

"Who told you that you're handsome?"

To say the least

"Hey 30-year-old handsome man, if you were handsome you wouldn't have needed this hashtag." 

Sarcasm at its finest

"Ohhhh I just found my dream." 

"Imagine I marry a 30-year-old spinster... or is spinsterhood just for women?"

Some had conditions

"I'd only accept if he looks like any of these two."

Really tough, unattainable conditions

"I don't care about the looks or the manners. The most important thing is the salary, a 20 million riyal monthly salary."

Sarcasm showed up after a while

"Enough, all of you are handsome without seeing your photos."

Saudi women for the win

"The girls hit back at the handsome man."