They are popular Arab women who inspired millions on various social media platforms ... but didn't stop there. 

Using their online influence, they each established and built entire brands online and became the region's top social media stars turned entrepreneurs. 

Here they are: 

1. Huda Kattan (Iraq-UAE)

Iraqi-American social media star and entrepreneur Huda Kattan quit a career in finance to become a makeup artist. 

The Dubai-based celebrity started blogging in 2010 and became an instant online star. Her influence soon translated into entrepreneurial success. 

Kattan and her two sisters launched a beauty product line called Huda Beauty in 2013. Today, it continues to be one of the most successful cosmetic companies in the region. 

2. Karen Wazen Bakhazi (Lebanon)

Lebanese Karen Wazen is a content creator, YouTuber, and mother who shares snippets of her life and work with hundreds of thousands of followers. 

Based in Dubai, the star turned her online influence into business, collaborating with top international beauty and fashion brands on several advertising campaigns. 

3. Ascia (Kuwait)

With over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Ascia is considered one of the most prominent content creators in the region. 

The mother of two is a trailblazing YouTuber, entrepreneur, and blogger who co-founded popular fashion blog The Hybrids with her husband Ahmad ASB.

The social media star is the owner of Desert Baby and the co-founder of skin care and beauty company Seoul Kool

4. Lana El Sahely (Lebanon)

Lebanese Lana El Sahely is a blogger-turned-entrepreneur with a huge social media following. 

Her social media presence allowed her to collaborate with international fashion designer brands and establish her own online store

The fashionista was also chosen by the founders of Dolce & Gabbana for their 2017 fashion show, making her the only Middle Eastern influencer on the runway.

5. Noha Nabil (Kuwait)

Noha Nabil is one of the region's most famous social media influencers. 

The mother of three is an engineer by degree but worked as a TV presenter before venturing into social media, where she quickly gained huge following. 

Her online success has led her to become an entrepreneur, working with top international brands and creating her own line of perfumes and fake lashes

6. Zeynab El-helw (Egypt-UAE)

Self-proclaimed "Fashion Pirate" Zeynab El-helw is a popular Dubai-based fashion icon. 

The Egyptian-Turkish social media star has her own blog and boasts huge online following. 

Her social media success led her to launch the "Fashion Pirate" online boutique. 

7. Latifa Al Shamsi (UAE)

Latifa Al Shamsi is a UAE social media star who focuses on style and fashion. 

After amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, the social media star launched her own clothing brand, "By Latifa Al Shamsi." 

Her collections feature Emirati-inspired pieces and creations. 

8. Thana and Sakhaa Abdul (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi sisters Thana and Sakhaa Abdul launched their careers in fashion with a popular blog called "The Abduls." 

The duo has thousands of followers on social media and a significant presence on Snapchat.

Their online success later translated into their launching of a the popular clothing line "Coded Nation."

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