Spotting a sexist hashtag on Saudi Twitter seems to have become a daily occurrence

The latest one reached a new low, asking Saudi men if they'd "consider" cooking for their wives. 

While some tweeted out their flawed rhetorics about gender roles via the top trend, others hilariously hit back at them. 

Here's how it all went down on Twitter: 

It all started when this hashtag trended in Saudi Arabia

"Is it okay to cook for your wife?"

A few sexist responses had to pop up

But were shut down ...

By people who were having none of the nonsense

Saudi women are the best at this trolling game

"Now they'll come at us: 'I didn't pay a dowry so that I'd cook for her.'" 

"Me going through this hashtag looking for someone to pop off on"

Because who told you the kitchen is only for women?

"Listen, if you’re not cooking for me I am not cooking for you. End of discussion"

When was it not ok for men to cook for their wives?

This shows where we're at in this region