Saudi Arabia, Women, Driving, 2017, #women2drive
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Late on Tuesday, tens of celebratory Twitter hashtags trended worldwide, as millions of Saudi women rejoiced at winning their right to drive in the kingdom. 

However, one of them, launched by people who weren't so excited over the news, also went viral. 

Titled "the women of my household won't drive," the hashtag saw thousands of tweeps offensively attack the lift on the ban. 

A few fierce Saudi women weren't having it though and brilliantly shut them down. 

First, thousands began tweeting via the hashtag

"That's right, your sisters, mothers, and female relatives need someone to drive them around because driving isn't for women." 

"Driving is dangerous for women"

"You won't drive as long as there are men in your house"

Women were understandably upset with the fact this made it to the top trends

Others made sure to hit back with sarcasm

"Don't forget to put a net on 30 million households other than yours, you've got to wake up from your backwardness." 

"This is because you're a regressive human being"

Savagery level: Saudi women

Guess what?

"Cry louder"

A few raised this important point

Others defiantly reminded everyone of what they've endured over the years...