The Middle East follows a weird concept of weather changes, as not all countries in the region experience all seasons the proper way...

Winter, in particular, has varied definitions across the Arab world. And with the different intensities it comes in, personalized activities and experiences related to it follow. 

Here are 10 things you experience during winter across the Arab world:

1. Explaining to foreigners that we have winter here

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"You guys have rain and snow over there?" Oh yes, we have plenty of that, and we have proof if it sounds too unreal. 

Did you know that it also snows in the desert?

2. Yes, we heard cold, not gold...

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It gets cold and it gets hot... the reason behind this unmatched phenomenon is the fact that we have four seasons, like other countries. 

When it snows, we visit nearby ski resorts, which are abundant in the Arab world. 

3. Winter in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia's sandstorms might be due to its location, but rain has literally flooded many areas in the kingdom on multiple occasions... it even happened in the middle of summer once.  

4. Rain in the UAE is real

Sometimes, it's so hot in the UAE that your iPhone decides to turn off automatically due to the heat, but rain has visited the Emirates on several occasions as well... 

What's even better is that the UAE's annual winter souks are ready to welcome all foreigners spending their winter vacation in Dubai. 

5. When it rains in the GCC, you know it's picture time

The climate in the GCC can generally be described as scorching hot and dry during summer. However, when it does rain, Arabs will make sure to document every single drop. 

6. The infamous Lebanese bipolar weather

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The running joke of "going for a swim and then skiing in the same day" is a reality in Lebanon. 

7. Two words: Sobya life

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In the Arab world, you will forever cherish the presence of a sobya right by your side during winter time. 

8. Your diet depends on the weather

For the love of warm comfort food and big blankets, praise winter for roasted chestnuts and hot tea with kaak. 

9. Halal outfits never got easier

You get to cover up that keresh and no one will even know, for a few months at least.

10. But no matter what, we still have our precious arguileh

Well, priorities, of course.