British-Egyptian vlogger and social media personality Dina Torkia is currently on a trip to Egypt.

As she always does, the star is sharing her visit with millions of followers and while many are excited to be seeing the country through her eyes, others, well, not so much... 

In a post she uploaded to Instagram on Monday, Torkia expressed her frustration at messages she's been getting from people accusing her of misportraying Egypt in images she posted online. 

Captioning it, she wrote: 

"Me When Egyptians tell me to stop uploading 'bad pics' of Cairo. I say quit worrying about your image, and worry about the poverty, the real people suffering that surround your happy little consumerist bubble instead. Hmph."

While her post completely shut down the criticism, it also sparked a heated debate among her 1.4 million Instagram followers. 

Here's how it all played out online:

The online debate started when Torkia vented on Instagram

Many thought her hit back was right on point

And hailed her for it...

Some could really relate to Torkia's point

"You go girl"

"What bad pics?"

"A lot of tourists want the resort holiday only, but there are also lots who want to see what the country is really like"

However, not everyone was happy with Torkia's post

Many criticized her over this...

A few thought her caption was based on a generalization

Others raised this point