Hot weather Dubai
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According to Khaleej Times, temperatures in Dubai might peak at 44 degrees on Thursday. However, the local news report suggested the temperature might feel like it's actually 56 degrees. 

Dubai weather august
It may feel like 56 degrees today Source: Khaleej Times

Here are 11 memes from Dubai that will explain how real the heat struggle actually is:

1. "An accurate representation of the current climate..."

2. How the heat hits you when you leave your air-conditioned house/car

3. Living in Dubai be like...

4. We can definitely relate...

5. Pretty much

6. Have you forgotten your sunglasses?

7. Yup, even your iPhone can't stand the heat...

8. Careful, don't melt...

9. Because air conditioning is life!

10. Is it humid today?

11. Dubai hacks...