This summer has been one of the hottest ever in Saudi Arabia, but in some areas of the kingdom, the weather seems to be changing. 

This is especially the case in the South of the country, specifically in Assir city's Khamis Mushait governorate. 

The city was flooded by rain early on Wednesday morning. The slight summer storm drowned cars and left people trapped in their homes. 

According to Okaz newspaper, the official spokesperson of the civil defense in Assir said teams were sent out to rescue scores of people who were trapped in their homes, as water came rushing in. 

This includes a family of four who was pulled out of a ground floor apartment.

Naturally, the chaotic flooding scenes made it to social media, as thousands shared photos and videos on Twitter.

People shared videos of cars drowning in the streets

"Cars are drowning in the streets of Khamis Mushait and civil defense teams issued a warning asking people to stay away from dangerous spots."

"Heavy rain in Khamis Mushait"

A few shot footage from inside their cars

Summer rain is quite epic...

Winter seems to be coming back to the South

Southerners didn't miss the chance to tease people living in the kingdom's hottest areas

"People who live in hot cities... we're here... where are you at?"

Everyone now envies the people of the South

"Saudis as they watch the weather in the South."