As summer draws to a close, many are starting to miss the sunny trimester already.

But while the Middle East is more known for its heat, its sunny beaches, and sailing escapades, little do people know that we actually love snow too - even more so when it happens to fall here. 

Yes, you read that right. Snow does fall in the Middle East. Not everywhere, and not consistently, but it does happen.  

Here are just a few examples that we are oh-so-looking-forward-to this winter! 

Egypt in its white glory

Cairo’s winters have a mind of their own. 

Temperatures dwell at around 20 degrees Celsius, which to many might mean a dip in the sea.

But that wasn't the case in 2013

Snow covered the streets of Egypt, giving people the chance to enjoy the first snowy winter in almost 112 years. 

pyramids covered with snow, snow in the arab world, snow fight, snowman, snowy egypt, Egypt
Pyramids covered with snow Source: snowbrains

When snow blankets the Middle East

Not all Arab countries are strangers to snow, but for many, it's a sweet, sweet surprise. 

In 2015, Jordanians in Amman woke up to temperatures of five degrees Celsius and 2.5 - 7.6 centimeters of snow in the streets. 

Not much, but still enough to make many happy! 

Snow in the arab world, snow fights, snowman, winter in mena, rare snow in mena, Jordan
Jordanians snow fighting Source: Blogpost/123surfer

On a yearly basis, Lebanon, a country known for its mountains and ski slopes, has to close down schools while local authorities urge residents to drive carefully, particularly in the mountainous regions. 

Snow is abundant on the high peaks of this small Mediterranean country. 

snow in the arab world, snow fight, snow man, winter in mena, snowy lebanon, Lebanon, Baalabek, Baalbek
Baalbek, Lebanon covered with snow Source: Pinterest

Jerusalem also has its fair share of snow. Photos of Palestinians enjoying snow-fights are quite common on social media come every season.

snow in the arab world, snow sight, snowman, Palestine under the snow, snowy palestine, Palestine, Jerusalem
Palestinians snow fighting in Jerusalem Source: Businessinsider

Even the GCC has its share

Earlier this year, temperatures in the UAE's mountainous Jebel Jais dropped to -2.2 degrees, causing local authorities to block access to the mountain.

Many residents ignored the warnings and went up to the area to enjoy this rare occasion, because how could they not?

The cold wave also hit parts of northern Saudi Arabia, turning the desert dunes that stretch to meet the borders of Jordan white. 

Cold winters are not unusual in Saudi nor the UAE, yet the rarity of snowfall is what makes such moments special.