Sure, you love toum. It's probably the only dip you couldn't live without no matter where you went. But how much do you really know about toum anyway? 

It's almost impossible to imagine a shawarma sandwich - aka our one true love - without it. Some people love toum so much they had to double the pleasure and voice their devotion to the world.

Here are 10 tweets about extra toum guaranteed to make you laugh: 

1. This level of extra we all aspire to be

2. This face disgusted at the comparison

3. This metric on the "how Arab are you" scale

4. This relationship status better than getting engaged

5. This combo made in heaven

6. This morning greeting we can all get behind

7. These three words better than "I love you"

8. This key detail in the order you just can't forget

9. This legendary way to be remembered

10. Those two words that make you fall for your crush even harder