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Arabs have taken to Twitter to express their gratitude to their one true love... none other than the glorious shawarma, the Levantine meat or chicken wrap.

Apparently, social media users have assigned today as International Shawarma Day and have been sharing tweets to celebrate it under the trending hashtag اليوم_العالمي_لشاورما# (International_Shawarma_Day.)

People are not holding back in describing their love for the popular wrap. 

Here's a glimpse of what Arabs had to say on this celebratory day: 

The romance is in full force

"How can I look away from you when you become more beautiful by the second?"

Love is in the air...

... and poems too

"I wish I had two hearts so I'd love you from all of both hearts."


Jokes were there too

"I see in shawarma what Qais didn't see in Leila," the caption reads. 

"If I'm mad don't apologize with a rose. Do it with a shawarma wrap because the wound reached my stomach," the photo reads. 

Forget about flowers ... a shawarma bouquet is the real deal

Life motto: "Less people ... more shawarma"

Her majesty

"That feeling when I unwrap a shawarma..."

"That feeling when I unwrap a shawarma is the same feeling a groom experiences when he removes the veil off his bride."

"Thank you for being in my life"

"All days are shawarma day"

Live love shawarma!

"Teach your children that shawarma is the friend, it's the motherland, it's life. #International_Shawarma_Day."

Tweeps are hailing the hashtag creator

"The person who made this hashtag is someone with good taste."

Arabs actually express their love for shawarma all year long

Drake definitely got the God's Plan lyrics wrong

We just don't do romantic cliches

Shawarma wedding cakes seem to be a thing ... because why not?

The only foolproof pickup line

"Love at first bite"

When all else fails, just shawarma

Time to treat yourself to a shawarma wrap, with extra garlic of course!