Highway 10, Saudi Arabia Source: Argaam

As if the world was in need of more world records to brag about, this one will be settled once and for all. 

Australia's Eyre Highway has a portion in it called the 90 Mile Straight, which is considered by many to be the longest straight road in the world and measures approximately 145.6 km

This may sound like a huge number, but the actual title is owned by Saudi Arabia with its Highway 10, which has a straight portion that stretches for more or less 256 km

While highway planners normally stay away from constructing long straight roads to keep drivers’ attention on the route, in the desert, it’s a different story. 

After all, what is there to hit on a secluded highway that has no signs of civilization for hundreds of miles? Even animals don’t dare come near this road as it is located close to one of the most barren deserts on the planet, the Rub Al Khali.

Source: Google Maps

Highway 10 links the city of Haradh - famous for its oil and natural gas - to Al Batha, near the UAE border

Usually, this highway is used for goods transport, and by people traveling from the central and western regions of Saudi Arabia to the UAE by road.

However, the asphalted road is not straight all the way. It does bend right before it ends at Al Batha, giving you a complete novel experience and a scroll through your entire music library.

The prospect of driving on a 250 plus kilometers straight road might sound compelling, but in reality, it is more like hundreds of kilometers of plain boringness

It's a place where you definitely wouldn’t want to drive if you're tired or feeling sleepy. It is probable that even the beautiful sand dunes and natural landscape won’t keep you awake here.