It's no secret that the Iraqi dialect is a hybrid of different words and sounds from across the Middle East.

While it may be one of the more confusing vernaculars in the region, it's definitely one of the most entertaining to listen to.

If you think you have mastered the introductory course, then it might be time to take your knowledge of Iraqi slang to the next level with more challenging and quirky words.

1. Chakmacha

Chakmacha, Iraqi, Slang, Glove Compartment, Funny, Arab
Source: NBC News

Iraqi: Efta7 el chakmacha areed kleenex.

Translation: Open the glove compartment I want kleenex.

2. Sakhtachi

Sakhtachi, Iraqi, Slang, Liar, Funny, Arab
Source: Telegraph

Iraqi: Sakhtachi.

Translation: Liar. 

We understand this term might be a bit difficult to say, so let's break it down: Sakh-ta-chi. 

3. Trga3a

Iraqi: Ohooo, min wein jetni hay el trga3a?

Translation: Where did this big problem come from?

4. Bibi meto

Iraqi: Bibi meto. 

Translation: Parrot. 

Some say Bibi meto has Indian roots, which proves how diverse the Iraqi dialect is. 

5. Samoot lamoot

Source: Wikipedia

Iraqi: Dkhalit 3leyhom w samoot lamoot ma 7ad da y7chi.

Translation: I went in and it was dead silent, no one was speaking.

"Samt" in Arabic means silence and Iraqis simply attached the extra "oot" and then "lamoot" to add more emphasis and drama. 

6. Tati toowati

Source: Flickr

Iraqi: Oooy, shoofi ibni da ymshi tati toowati

Translation: Awww look at my son he's walking so slowly.

It is usually used when referring to a baby taking their first steps. 

7. Msodan

Msodan, Iraqi, Slang, Crazy, Funny, Arab
Source: YouTube

Iraqi: Msodan.

Translation: Crazy.

As if the Arabic language needed more words to describe this state of mind.

8. Shlonfus

Source: Flickr

Iraqi: Shlonfus.

Translation: A girl who likes a lot of guys.

9. Zanana

Zanana, Iraqi, Slang, Funny, Arab
Source: Caters News

Iraqi: Zanana.

Translation: A man who looks like a woman.

It derives from the Persian word for woman, "zan."

10. S3iyo inyow

Source: Geno Vive

Iraqi: Itha ma takleen rayoog r7 itseereen s3iyo inyow

Translation: If you don't eat breakfast you'll become very skinny