To witness Saudi Arabia's natural landscape to its fullest is to go on a good old road trip across the country.

Luckily for car lovers, the kingdom has some of the lowest oil prices and the best highways in the region.

And yes, women will soon be able to join the fun too, once the driving ban lift is completed within the next few months.

So buckle up, here are five road trips you definitely have to try. 

P.S.: Don’t forget to stay within the speed limits as you never know where that speed camera may be hiding...

1. Riyadh to Al Qassim

This highway is one of the few with a raised speed limit to 140 km/h. So feel the adrenaline rush while you take in the wonderful palm-tree-dense landscape of the region.

2. Haradh to Batha

The world's longest straight road is in Saudi Arabia. How does the prospect of driving on an over 250 km long route sound? 

This highway stretches from the natural resource-rich city of Haradh to Batha, near the UAE border. Since you're there, elongate your already epic trip and head to the UAE.

3. Abha to Rijal Alma

This road trip will take you through what is believed to be the highest peak in Saudi ArabiaJabal Souda. 

The meandering road, with over a dozen hairpin turns, bends down the mountain range where the stunning stone town of Rijal Alma lies.

4. Jizan to Al Lith

Perhaps the longest road trip on our list, this one will treat travelers to breathtaking views of the Red Sea, tropical palm trees, and enigmatic desert dunes. 

Drivers can take small diversions off the main highway towards pristine beaches where they can park their car and wait for it to cool off by the sea breeze.

5. Mecca to Taif (via Hada)

If there's one route guaranteed to make people fall in love with Saudi road trips, it's this one. The highway that connects the mountainous city of Taif to Mecca is in and of itself an engineering marvel. 

Opportunely, it presents travelers with beautiful vistas of the surrounding mountain range all while they make their way from the hot desert weather to the cold and foggy climate Taif is famous for.