The diverse geographical landscape of Saudi Arabia has given birth to amazing sights that lie scattered throughout the kingdom. 

From its shaabi souks and beautiful mountains to its many beaches, the country offers more than meets the eye. 

Brace yourselves, below you will find some of the most splendid natural wonders Saudi Arabia has to offer.

1. Elephant Rock

Al Ula's poster child is a sight to behold. People on Instagram love it and so will visitors once the kingdom rolls out tourist visas soon.

2. Al Ahsa Oasis

It is the largest self-contained oasis in the world and home to over a whopping 1.5 million palm trees. 

The huge natural aquifer under the land turns this desert into a place of verdant green spread over an area of around 30,000 acres.

3. Jabal Abyad

Jabal Abyad is the highest volcano in the country and stands at 2,093 meters tall. It has stayed off the tourist map for long, but that is changing slowly as trekkers from around the country are coming to witness the one-of-a-kind landscape that surrounds the volcano.

4. Edge of the world

Just over a decade ago, hardly anyone knew this place. Now, however, due to the impact of social media, Edge of the world, which is located near Riyadh, is a buzzing tourist spot. 

Drone photographers are in their zone here, as the view of the escarpment is best captured by drone cameras.

5. Fayfa

The landscape at Fayfa looks like that of Eastern Africa. The place is so disparate from the rest of the kingdom that one would probably forget they are in a country that consists mainly of desert sand.

6. Farasan Islands

Rich with colorful underwater life, the Farasan Islands have some of the best diving spots in the world. 

The abundance of fish life and coral reefs in these waters make it a place that tourists and residents of Saudi Arabia should definitely not miss out on.

7. Jabal Sawda

Widely considered to be the highest peak in the country, with an elevation close to 3,000 meters, the view from the peak of the surrounding mountain range is nothing short of extraordinary. 

The peak is accessible by road and is located close to the city of Abha.