Jordan's King Abdullah is no stranger to going viral online and this week he's making the rounds on social media yet again. 

A video capturing the monarch breaking his Ramadan fast with a group of policemen in an Amman street took Twitter by storm on Sunday.

In it, the king is seen greeting traffic officials and breaking his fast with them. 

According to Aliwaa newspaper, Jordan's royal media office made no official statement on the impromptu iftar visit.

And while it remains unclear when the incident went down, people on social media are hailing the king's gesture.

The footage took Twitter by storm...

Many hailed the monarch's gesture

"A beautiful gesture to support those serving people."

Others just couldn't even express themselves...

"I can't even find the words to describe this."

"The inspiring king"

Some labelled him the "King of hearts"

"We're proud of our king"

"May God protect Abu Hussein"