Mohareb Ramzi Ajaybi Source: Al Arabiya

In a world that has become increasingly divided, every glimmer of coexistence makes a difference.

One that's now breaking the internet took place in Egypt earlier last week when a wealthy Coptic businessman hosted a huge iftar feast for those in need.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, Mohareb Ramzi Ajaybi said he oversees daily iftars in the country's city of Garda'a, while his brother takes control of other feasts the family hosts in Luxor.

The brothers, who run a huge poultry business, built it up from scratch and understand the need to give back to the community.

"There's no difference between us, we're one"

Source: Al Arabiya

In his statement to Al Arabiya, Ajaybi said he believes organizing the iftars is his duty and a way he can take part in the holy month. 

"There's no difference between us, we're one. We're made of one fabric, we're united by one nation, our traditions are the same and we believe in one God," he said.

He also explained that he fasts during Ramadan and has iftar with his employees and other people who attend his open dining tables.

The news is breaking the internet

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"We're all one."

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