Unsurprisingly, the Middle East hosts countless lookalikes, from doppelgängers of Western celebrities to Arab ones... 

Here's a look at five Arab doppelgängers who are too freaky to be real:

1. Haifa Wehbe's lookalike is from Syria

In 2017, a Syrian model caused quite the stir on social media after photos of her surfaced online, mainly because of the uncanny resemblance to Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe.

Roula Mansour looks exactly like Wehbe ... so much that you can't even tell them apart. Can you?

2. Mohammed bin Salman's lookalike is (guess) also from Saudi Arabia

Earlier this year, a Saudi man who looks exactly like Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman went viral on social media. 

Footage of the doppelgänger, identified as Eissa Abu Shaiba Al Mutairi, led to confusion among users as many couldn't distinguish between the two.

3. DJ Khaled's lookalike is from Palestine ... and he sells knafeh

In 2017, a video of a DJ Khaled doppelgänger selling knafeh in Palestine led to the birth of a series of jokes on social media.

Posted by popular Facebook page "Palestinian Memes", the footage ultimately went viral, amassing over 60,000 views on the platform.

In the footage, the lookalike was seen serving knafeh, the popular Middle Eastern dessert, to a massive crowd.

4. Nancy Ajram's lookalike is from Egypt

Earlier this year, a photo of Nancy Ajram's doppelgänger went viral. The only difference? The lookalike is a hijabi.

The woman in the photo was soon identified as Amira El Nashar, an Egyptian architect, model, and fashion designer. 

The architect has 108,000 followers on Instagram.

Her photos were ultimately being compared to those of the popular Lebanese singer, with many unable to see the difference between the two.

"I thought Nancy Ajram wore the hijab," one user wrote at the time.

5. Mohamed Salah's lookalike is also Egyptian

In recent weeks, an Egyptian man - identified as Ahmed Bahaa - with a striking resemblance to Mohamed Salah stole the spotlight at a cafe in Cairo as he joined other fans to watch the Liverpool forward play in the semi-final of the Champions League.

The duo had identical hair and beards, and to make matters more confusing, they donned identical shirts as well.

The Egyptian footballer ultimately met his lookalike.

"[Mohamed Salah] was taken aback [when he saw me], he said to me he feels like he's standing in front of a mirror, but that it is he who looks like me because I am older," said Bahaa, according to Sky Sports.