A Syrian model who looks exactly like Haifa Wehbe is causing quite the stir online ... and for a good reason. 

The model, called Roula Mansour, looks so much like the singer, it's nearly impossible to even tell them apart. 

Don't believe us? 

Here, take a look: 

Seriously, who's who?

No one can really tell

We're all confused now

"Is that you or Haifa?"

Everyone's asking the same question

And the answer is: "Copy paste"

People are sort of having a meltdown over this

"You look so much like Haifa Wehbe, it's not even real."

"The resemblance is uncanny"

Not the only Arab who looks exactly like a celeb...

Meet Egypt's version of Kanye West

Last July, Twitter user Shafeeq Younus‏ tweeted the picture to the left, writing, "I have found Kanye West's Egyptian twin". 

Lebanon's own Roberto Carlos

Last December, Twitter user @ihabOfficial tweeted the picture of the guy on the left who was spotted in Beirut, noting that he looks like the former Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos.

Dubai-based Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Dubai-based sisters Sonia and Fyza look so much like the Kardashian sisters, it's hard to spot any difference. 

The sisters were born to a Turkish mother and an Iraqi father and raised in the UK.

Sonia is a beauty blogger and her sister Fyza is a makeup artist. 

Together, the sisters run an Instagram page titled 'soniaxfyza' where they regularly post makeup tips and product reviews.