Finals season is upon us and that means two things: stress levels are peaking, and so is the usage of memes.

This is a time when we get tagged in studying-related memes a couple of times per day, reminding us that we are anything but ready for our upcoming exams. 

However, this also reminds us that we are all on the same boat... or at least we pretend to be. The students who say they haven't touched the book when they have actually already started reviewing test banks, I'm looking at you.

We all know you should be studying right now instead of browsing the interwebs, but while you are already procrastinating, here are 10 Arab memes that will make you laugh... then cry:

1. Your post-finals plans are oh-so-exciting

"-What do you plan to do after your exams? 

-Go to therapy."

2. Your expectations are at an all-time low

"Who will eat crap during finals?"

3. Procrastination is a way of life

4. Your "khara" luck always seems to beat the odds

"-There's no way this question comes up in the exam. 

-The question:"

5. Does this scenario sound familiar?

"- Let's go out. 

- Of course not, I have exams.

- So, you've been studying?

- No, but I still have exams."

6. A moment of silence for Muslim students who have exams during Ramadan

"- Ramadan is the month of goodness and social gatherings. 

-The final exam..."

7. May your academic conscience R.I.P.

"My academic conscience has passed away."

8. The sense of despair is REAL

"When I remember how much time is still left before I graduate."

9. "Embalm me and turn me into a lesson for future generations"

"Honestly, I am fed up. I no longer want to study, sleep, succeed, nor do anything. Embalm me and turn me into a lesson for future generations."

10. This depicts you right now

"I should put more pressure on myself, I'm running out of time."

Yalla, your break is over. Get back to work!