It seems as though the Middle East produces lookalikes of famous celebrities and renowned athletes. 

Here's proof:

1. Meet Iran's very own Cristiano Ronaldo

Reza Alireza Lou (left) has been gaining nationwide attention in Iran for his uncanny resemblance to the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Lou is a footballer himself and plays for the Tehran league in Iran. 

But he isn't the only Iranian who looks like the spitting image of a famous footballer... 

2. Reza Parastesh VS. Lionel Messi

Parastesh (left) has kind of become a celebrity in Iran, with thousands of people vying for a selfie or photo with him. 

He is also fully booked with news media interviews and has even landed modeling contracts ... all thanks to his resemblance to FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

3. This guy in Lebanon is Roberto Carlos' long lost brother

Last December, Twitter user @ihabOfficial tweeted the picture of the guy on the left, who was spotted in Beirut, noting that he looks like the former Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos.

Do you see it? 

4. Here's Egypt's Kanye West ... Kanye East!

Last July, Twitter user Shafeeq Younus‏ tweeted the picture to the left, writing, "I have found Kanye West's Egyptian twin." 

The American rapper's wife has her own Middle Eastern doppelganger too, and she will freak you out...

5. Which one is Kim Kardashian?

Yup, it's near impossible to spot the difference between Dubai-based blogger Sonia Ali (left) and American reality television personality Kim Kardashian (right).

6. Sonia's sister Fyza also happens to look like Kim Kardashian's half-sister

Another look at the Ali sisters!

The sisters were born to a Turkish mother and an Iraqi father and raised in the United Kingdom.

Sonia is a beauty blogger and her sister Fyza is a makeup artist. Together, the sisters run an Instagram page titled 'soniaxfyza' where they regularly post makeup tips and product reviews.