A photo featuring a hijabi Nancy Ajram doppelgänger has been going viral all over social media in the past few days. 

While it remains unclear when it first surfaced, the now-viral photo is circulating online. 

The woman in it? A hijabi Egyptian architect, model, and fashion designer named Amira El Nashar

El Nashar has 105,000 followers on Instagram and is a social media celebrity in her own right. 

Her photos are now being compared to several images of the popular Lebanese singer and naturally, people have a lot to say about the whole thing. 

The doppelgänger is going viral

The resemblance is quite something...

El Nashar vs. Ajram

While a few people don't see the similarity...

"She doesn't look like her at all."

Many do...

"She looks so much like her."

"I thought Nancy Ajram wore the hijab"

"Ya lahwi... are you Nancy or what?"

Not the only Arab celebrity doppelgänger

In recent weeks, a Syrian model who looks exactly like Haifa Wehbe caused quite the stir online. 

The model, called Roula Mansour, is now famous for being Wehbe's lookalike and has 128,000 followers on Instagram.