Meidum pyramid egypt ancient
Meidum Pyramid Source: Wikipedia

Egypt's antiquities ministry has been putting extra effort to highlight fascinating treasures being unearthed in the country. However, a recent excavation wasn't so treasurous. 

During an excavation next to the Meidum Pyramid, a 4,600-year-old site located south of Cairo, the ministry discovered the skeleton of a 13-year-old girl. The remains of the teenager were found to be in a squatting position inside the tomb, according to a statement released following the discovery.

The remains were buried in a partially collapsed cemetery near the pyramid. Archaeologists were able to deduce the teen's age at death by studying her bones, according to LiveScience. However, the cause of death remains unclear as does the exact date of the burial.

No other human remains or artifacts were found in the girl's tomb. However, archaeologists uncovered two animal heads in the premise. 

Egypt is no stranger to discoveries. In fact, the country dubbed 2017 as the "year of discoveries."

Tombs, numerous mummies, and a massive statue were discovered that year, along with other notable artifacts.

In terms of history, Egypt is one of the richest countries in the world. For thousands of years, Egypt thrived as an independent nation whose culture was famous for great human advances in every area of knowledge, from the arts and sciences to technology and religion.

The great monuments, which Egypt is still celebrated for today, reflect the depth and grandeur of Egyptian culture, which influenced so many ancient civilizations, including Greece and Rome.

Till today, researchers and archaeologists continue to find artifacts in Egypt including The Tomb of Tutankhamun, The Rosetta Stone, and The Khufu Ship, to name a few.