Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan is no stranger to epic adventures and this includes swimming with whale sharks.

In a video he posted on both his official Instagram and Twitter pages earlier this week, the young royal can be seen just casually taking a dip with the sea animals.

Captioning his posts, the wildlife-loving prince wrote:

"Swimming with these giant sharks is truly a breathtaking experience, one that is difficult to put into words. The more we swim with these creatures, the more we understand, respect and appreciate them."

The footage has since gone viral, amassing over 350,000 views on Instagram and hundreds of retweets on Twitter.

Of course, Sheikh Hamdan had to snap a selfie too...

People absolutely loved his casual swim with sharks...

"Truly brave."

"This is the first time I look at sea creatures this way"

The footage made others want to swim with sharks too...

"I want to try doing this." 

"Absolutely beautiful and AMAZING creatures"

"Fazza... what haven't you done?"

Watch the full video below: