Some 4,500 years ago, an ancient Egyptian man filled a cemetery with curses. His aim was to protect the dead from intruders and thieves.

Now, the cursed tomb has been reopened by archaeologists.

The tomb holds the remains of the builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Located in the "tribal mountain" area close to Giza, the tomb has not been opened since it was discovered three decades ago.

In addition to the builders, the cemetery also contains graves for the supervisor of the workers (who is believed to have laid the ancient curses), the supervisor of the royal palace and another important individual.

According to Newsweek, the grave of the palace supervisor was exceptionally well-preserved, with two fake doors and inscriptions lining the walls.

Since 1990, the site has been relatively closed off as Egyptian experts have been slowly developing it to eventually be opened to the public. 

But with "curses" looming over the site ... what brave souls will dare enter?