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Source: YouTube

Ever asked an Arab mom to demonstrate a recipe and witnessed the part when one tablespoon of oil turns into a whole cup? 

If yes, you're certainly going to relate to a recently uploaded video perfectly depicting how our moms cook with oil. 

The footage features popular Iraqi social media star Mama Soaad and includes a clip from one of her videos. 

It was posted online by Twitter user @mariamxaziz01 and to say it's right on point is an understatement. 

Soon after the meme was posted on Twitter, it went viral and sent Arab tweeps into a meltdown of the sorts. And who could blame them. 

Take a look at how unique this cooking process goes:

Remember, just a little tiny teaspoon

"Don't put too much"

And then this goes down

Teaspoon? More like ...

People couldn't even with how accurate this is

"Mel3aqa sagheeeeeeeera"

"My mom cooking"

"What was the point of the spoon in the first place??"

Not to forget the most important part

"Don't worry it's cholesterol-free"

They got it from our tetas

"Who found this video of my teta"

"I can't believe every single Middle Eastern person has the same mother"