The latest thrilling Jetman footage to go viral online was shared by none other than Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan

In a video he uploaded to Instagram earlier this week, Jetman Dubai thrill-seekers wearing jet-propelled wings can be seen flying over the emirate. 

Captioning his post, the adventure-loving royal wrote: "Future is here."

The unique stunt concept was created by Swiss military-trained pilot and aviation enthusiast Yves Rossy. Driven by his desire to "fly like a bird," the adventurer designed and built what has now become known as the Jet-wing. 

Jetman Dubai is an extension of the idea and a project that "will create a future for individuals flying with Jet-wings and that will one day change the way we experience the world." 

In partnership with XDubai - an extreme sports company - thrill-seekers can now experience a new kind of adrenaline rush when visiting the emirate. 

It remains unconfirmed whether the prince took part in the jump stunt, but it wouldn't be a surprise if he did as he's no stranger to going on epic adventures.

There have been a number of moments that hint the most recent video was of himself. First, Sheikh Hamdan wished everyone a Happy National Day on Dec. 2 last year, with a photo of two people flying casually above Dubai in Jetman gear.

Then there was his meeting last week with boxer Khabib Nurmagomedov. The prince donned a t-shirt with XDubai's logo on it. And another t-shirt with another yellow X.

To complete the theory, both the prince and Jetman shared the video yesterday on Instagram with "Future is here" as caption. 

People were thrilled by the footage


Everyone now wants to try this

"I want to try." 

"Real life Iron Man"

You'll soon get to watch the entire story behind Jetman on screen

According to The National, a documentary that captures Jetman Dubai's journey "to launching the first solo flight using jet-engine powered wings" is currently in the making. 

Titled Loft: The Jetman Story, the feature is set to be released in the next few months.