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On Sunday, a Kuwaiti court sentenced a national who beat up an Egyptian expat earlier last year to 17 years in jail, Al Qabas newspaper reported

The horrific assault saw the victim, who was later identified as Wahid Mahmoud Refaie, suffer severe injuries. 

It went down after the accused man walked into the motorcycle repair store Refaie worked at, demanding that he fixes his vehicle. 

When the worker told him he'd do that after lunch time, the Kuwaiti man launched his attack, repeatedly beating the victim and knocking him down. 

The brutal incident was captured on CCTV cameras

*The video capturing the incident is available online but we choose not to share such graphic content in line with ethical standards.

The entire assault was captured on CCTV cameras and later went viral on social media. 

Footage of it sparked outrage among thousands who called on Kuwaiti authorities to take strict action at the time.

It also led Egypt's Ministry of Interior to demand that those involved in it are arrested and referred to trial.

The attacker's sentence went viral on Twitter

Some questioned the sentencing

"17 years in jail?!!! God be with you and your family." 

Others thought it was fair

"Thank God, this is great news. He deserves this sentence, I hope they don't allow him to appeal it because he has no mercy." 

"He deserves this, he beat this man even after he became unconscious"

Many hailed Kuwait's law system

"No one's rights are forsaken in Kuwait.  A national or expat, everyone is equal."