Late on Thursday, 'one wife isn't enough for our needs,' a Saudi hashtag promoting polygamy, went viral on Twitter, reaching the top trends in just a few hours. 

Even though in Islam polygamy is only permissible under a very tight frame of conditions, people tweeting through the hashtag completely ignored the fact. 

But Saudi women were there for it and hilariously hit back.

Tweeps took to the hashtag posting things like this...

"This is a British study about the benefits of polygamy." 

And this...

"Word of advice: If you're thinking of taking more than one wife, make sure they're not all from the same country. Personally I'd pick an Emirati woman, another from Morocco, and one from Syria."  

But women were there for it... and hit back

"Men are trash, exhibit 26984512"

Trolling was taken to the next level...

"OK fine, I want to marry these two and to hell with big bellied men."

"One husband is not enough"

"Fill your gas tank first and then we'll discuss this"

Many turned to sarcasm

"Give your wife four wedding rings and tell her: You're all my wives." 

"I feel marriage is such an old fashioned thing to do now"

Many raised this important point

"You only interpreted the first sentence of the Quranic verse about polygamy and neglected the most important part of it... 'but if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one.'"

A few men also chimed in...

"Before I got married, my father gave me a word of advice that has always stayed with me: 'A man who says he'll treat two wives equally, lies.'"