You'd think having a meal with a colleague or friend is a pretty ordinary thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this week, the kingdom's authorities arrested an Egyptian expat after he shared a video of himself having breakfast with a woman in an office. 

According to Al Mnatiq news site, the man now faces jail, fines, and even deportation.  

While some news sources reported that the woman is the defendant's colleague, others said she worked as a receptionist in a hotel where he was staying. 

Footage of the breakfast sparked outrage on Saudi social media

The video broke Saudi Twitter just hours after it started circulating online, dividing people's opinions. Soon after, more videos the man had shot with the woman also went viral on social media. 

Many vehemently attacked the clips, stating that what the duo did violated the ultra-conservative country's laws. 

Others explained that because the couple is unmarried, they also went against sharia law, which prohibits women from being alone with men who aren't related to them. 

Even though the backlash over the videos was intense, there were many who also defended the man and woman, expressing their shock over the arrest. 

A few people were all for the arrest

"God strengthen our government, they arrested him less than 24 hours after the video went viral." 

And even called on the woman to be punished

"She was fully OK with being in the footage. She must be punished because she acted so shamelessly and defamed Saudi female employees." 

Some used the incident to express their regressive, sexist views

"This is the destiny of every man who allows his wife or daughter to mix with men. Whether it's in a hospital or anywhere else. Wherever a man and woman are found alone together, the devil is present." 

However, many just couldn't even with the entire incident

"Misogyny at its finest"

People can't handle the story behind the hashtag

"We're in 2018"


Many pointed out this irony

"Too much chwey"