If you've ever scrolled down Saudi Twitter, you know the kingdom's hashtags never cease to be amusing

Earlier this week, tweeps launched a viral hashtag asking Saudis to share their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) usernames. 

The result? Cringeworthy entries that'll make you LOL:

1. On animated usernames

"It was my name with drawings, heart, and kiss emojis."

2. On the ones that just don't make any sense

3. On those that are pretty cringeworthy

"Sea of emotions."

4. To say the least

5. "My soul loves you"

6. On the weirdest of them all

7. On the pretty arrogant ones

8. "Her highness lesha"

9. On the pretty popular one

"A moon driving a hummer."

10. On the one that's too funny


11. On being lost in translation

"Drank a beer and lost my way home."

12. On the iconic khaleeji username

"My greetings to the person who ruined my life."