Source: Al Arabiya

A rising Saudi footballer's father left everyone shocked after he passed away while cheering his son at a game held in Jizan earlier this week, Al Arabiya reported

The young player, Assem bin Masha'awi, is part of Al Watan's youth football club and was participating in a game against Al Etihad when tragedy struck. 

According to news reports, the footballer's dad suffered a heart attack in the stadium and all efforts to resuscitate him failed. 

In a tweet he posted after his father's death, bin Masha'awi emotionally paid tribute to him. 

"Dad, you were everything to me, my father, brother and friend. I spent 17 years of my life with you and they weren't enough but this is our destiny. I never imagined a day would come when I'd lose you forever and my pain is worse because I lost you in the place where you'd planned a future for me. It's as if I can hear the echo of your voice saying: I am always going to be there for you my sons."

Saudis were incredibly moved by bin Masha'awi's words

Some related to his feelings

"I lost my father at the same age. It's very hard for anyone to feel the pain and hurt you're going through except if they've gone through it. May God grant you patience and have mercy on his soul."

Everyone tweeted out their condolences

"May God have mercy on your father's soul. Losing a parent is incredibly painful but keep going and walk through the path he helped set for you so that he can rest easy. We're all with you." 

"May God grant you patience"

Everyone has since extended their support to the young footballer

"I kindly ask everyone to attend this footballer's next game to support him and cheer him on."

Including the head of Saudi Arabia's Sports Authority Turki Al Al Shikh

"May God have mercy on your father's soul. Be strong and I'll be right by your side until you realize your ambitions. God willing I'll see you become a star."