Early on Monday, Saudi authorities in the kingdom's Jizan governorate arrested a man who was filmed firing gunshots in a busy street, Al Madina newspaper reported.

In the now-viral footage, the defendant can be seen repeatedly using the weapon and asking a companion to film him.

The region's police officers launched a search for the man after the video went viral online. 

This came after the region's public prosecutor, sheikh Saoud bin Abdullah Al Mojab, issued a warrant against the shooter. 

A video capturing the incident led to the man's arrest

The clip angered thousands of Saudis who deemed the man's behavior "reckless" and "irresponsible."

Before his arrest, many had called on authorities to take action against the shooter. 

People were appalled by his actions

"Their regression and ignorance continues."

"Oh God"

"I don't know what he benefits from such actions"

Many had called on authorities to arrest the shooter

"A person who risks people's lives deserves to be punished over his actions."

"He deserves this"

"I hope everyone who fires gunshots at weddings and celebrations is punished too."

Saudi Arabia's public prosecution has warned against the reckless use of guns

The kingdom's public prosecution department has repeatedly warned citizens against the irresponsible use of guns.

Earlier this week, its officials posted yet another similar warning via the department's Twitter page. 

In it, they stated that anyone caught mishandling a weapon or using it for reasons other than those it was licensed for can be sentenced to a year in jail.