Saudis are notorious when it comes to trending hilarious things on Twitter.

Things weren't so different this week after a hashtag on Saudi Twitter asked people to share lame jokes ... ultimately going viral.

The result? Jokes that are so bad, they'll make you laugh: 

It all started when this hashtag went viral

"Give us a lame joke." 

Saudis were all there for it

And responded with the lamest jokes ever

"There's a guy who leaks water as he walks, why? His name is Hanafi (Arab pun on a word that means faucet.)"

No, we're serious

"There was once a girl who hated stuffed vine leaves... she died." 

Should we laugh or cry?

"There was a fish who went to wake her daughter up... she sprinkled her with air." 

Lame jokes at their best

"There's a samosa that went to a dentist, why? Its stuffing fell out." 

And at their worst

"If a gun was going to let go of a bullet, why marry it in the first place?"  

As cringeworthy as it gets

"There's a guy who walked and walked then found an apricot (the Arabic word for the fruit is used as a pun on walk)... Laugh."

No one knows what to say

"Do you know what's the end of Etab (reproach)? The letter B." 

Because we can't even

"There's an octopus who put foot over foot over foot over foot over foot over foot." 

Saudi puns are the best

"There's a woman named Balqees (pun on 'in a bag')... when she grew up she became Balcarton (pun on 'in a carton'.)" 

"Laugh... laugh"

"Why is wood an orphan? It's cut off from a tree." 

"1,2,3 people entered a restaurant and came out 3, 2, 1... why?"

"They had maqluba (an Arab dish that literally translates into 'upside down.')"

Bear with us ...

"An elephant married a chicken and gave birth to a chicken fillet (pun on the Arabic word for elephant.)"

Last one... we promise

"There was a woman who married behind her father's back... her turned around and saw her."