Earlier this week, CCTV footage capturing the moment a Saudi male nurse saved a man who chocked on a piece of bone while having lunch at a Jeddah cafe broke Saudi Twitter. 

Now identified as Fahed bin Abdullah Al Arifi Al Harethi, the male nurse spoke to Sabq news site and shared details of the incident which took place on Monday. 

"I was having lunch with a friend at a cafe in Jeddah when I noticed the man sitting on a table next to us was reaching out for help. He couldn't talk and was pointing to his throat and trying to beat his chest. I immediately rushed towards him and realized he was choking on a piece of bone," Al Harethi said. 

"I told him I am a trained nurse and could help him. I then asked him to try and stand up but he was too panicked to understand my instructions. A few people gathered around us and helped pull him to his feet. I was then able to help him and his breathing returned to normal," he added. 

People are relieved the man was saved

"Happy endings are the most beautiful. May God bless the nurse."

"Thank God this man is safe now"

"Such a great man ... he deserves to be rewarded"

"I ask that God blesses your life, you hero"

A few people are outraged some cafe-goers filmed the incident

"You're standing in front of a person who stopped breathing and you take out your mobile phone to film!"

"To the person who's standing there filming... why??"

"It's unacceptable to film people without their consent, let alone someone fighting for their life?!!"

Not the first time a Saudi nurse goes viral for averting a medical crisis

This isn't the first time a Saudi medic goes viral for saving someone's life during an emergency. 

Earlier this year, footage capturing a female Saudi nursing student rushing to the aid of a man who collapsed in a mall in the city of Abha went viral online.

In October, Saudi nurse Sarah Al Maqo'i helped save the lives of three car accident victims and was hailed by thousands after the footage circulated on Twitter.