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Footage capturing a Saudi nursing student rushing to the aid of a man who collapsed in a mall in the city of Abha has gone viral on Twitter.

The incident, which took place earlier this week, saw the woman handle the entire medical emergency before paramedics took over after arriving at the scene.

The man has since been transferred to a hospital for treatment, but no further information on his condition was revealed.

The incident is all over Saudi Twitter

The young student was hailed as a hero on social media just hours after the video started circulating online.

While a few tried to belittle what the nursing student did because she's a woman...

"From watching the clip (I see that everyone participated in saving the man). But they must make a woman the key to every success, especially in dire situations." 

Others hailed her for it

"Good on you, girl." 


"Mashallah, she deserves to be honored"

"And thank God the man was saved." 

"This Saudi nurse you dislike is better than a hundred man"

The woman has since been honored for her role in saving the man's life

Source: An7a

After going viral, the young nursing student was honored by the kingdom's Red Crescent officials in Assir governorate. 

According to Qbs news site, she was handed a certificate of appreciation for taking an initiative to help save the man's life.

Watch the full video capturing the incident below: