On Friday, Saudi nurse Sarah Al Maqo'i helped save the lives of three car accident victims and was soon hailed by thousands after the footage went viral online, Okaz newspaper reported

The nurse was enjoying a trip to Hail governorate's Al Rowad park with her husband when the tragic crash took place.

Speaking to the local daily, Al Maqo'i explained how the accident unfolded right before her eyes, and how she immediately came to the aid of those who were injured.

"I heard a loud collision and quickly ran to the scene to see if I could help anyone involved. I did the required first aid for three men who were left injured by the incident and then handed their cases over to paramedics when they arrived at the scene," she said. 

The story went completely viral over the weekend

An image capturing Al Maqo'i providing first aid to one of the victims went viral on social media hours after the incident. 

Many thanked the young woman for doing everything she could to help out.

People were extremely proud of Al Maqo'i

"Good on her. May God bless her." 

"See the women of our country?"

Al Maqo'i represents the strength of all Saudi women

"Our countrywomen are to be proud of."

"Then they go ask a man if he'd marry a nurse"

"Look at how brave she is." 

Many felt the nurse deserves to be honored

"She deserves to be honored."

Not the first time a female Saudi nurse goes viral for saving a life

Source: YouTube

This isn't the first time a female Saudi medic goes viral for saving someone's life during an emergency. 

Earlier this year, footage capturing a Saudi nursing student rushing to the aid of a man who collapsed in a mall in the city of Abha went viral online. 

The incident saw thousands hail the woman for handling the entire medical emergency before paramedics arrived at the scene.