Saudi authorities have arrested a Yemeni business manager who used his position to blackmail and sexually harass a number of Saudi women who applied for jobs at the company where he works, Sabq news site reported

According to sources who spoke to the news site, the man's arrest came after he was reported to police by a woman who spoke out about his assaults. 

In her report, the woman said the defendant holds a managerial position in a company that belongs to the kingdom's Um Al Qura University. 

She also added that he used his power to force several job applicants into illicit relationships. 

Soon after the arrest, police raided the man's home and seized a laptop belonging to him. They found several files related to the harassment allegations on the computer. 

His case has now been referred to prosecution and the man is set to face a trial. 

News of the arrest made the rounds on Saudi Twitter

People were understandably angered by the news

"Where's the university's managing board? This man must be investigated and anyone involved in these incidents must be held accountable."  

"What's the punishment going to be?"

"If investigations prove he did this, he must be deported"

"How many more victims are still going through blackmail and harassment?"

Not the first time a similar case is reported

Earlier last year, the case of a young Saudi woman who was harassed by a man claiming he wanted to interview her for a job، went viral in Saudi Arabia.

At the time the woman said she had applied for a job at Taqat, an employment support service, only to be contacted by a man who claimed to be a representative at the place. 

A few months after her application went through, the man, who later turned out to be an imposter, started to harass the job applicant, telling her she would get a job if she had a relationship with him. 

The woman's case went viral all over Saudi Twitter, leading hundreds of other women to share their stories of sexual harassment when applying for work in the kingdom. 

Sexual harassment still a major issue in the kingdom

Sexual harassment cases are reported in Saudi Arabia on a daily basis and the country is now adamant to take action against the alarming rates of abuse. 

In recent months, police departments across the kingdom have made immediate arrests in several abuse cases captured in videos that went viral on social media.

The country is also currently drafting a law that is set to criminalize sexual harassment. Ordered in a royal decree issued by King Salman, the law is set to be passed in the coming few months.