American Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein has been at the center of controversy after countless actresses reported being sexually abused by the movie mogul while working together. 

The news quickly spread, leading to a worldwide campaign under the hashtag #MeToowhich was led by American actress Alyssa Milano, who shared a screenshot calling on people to share their own stories in an attempt to "give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem." 

Soon after, women from around the world participated - revealing all the Harvey Weinsteins of the world. 

Arab women took part and reminded the world that sexual harassment knows no age, no limits, and no dress code. 

"You're lucky you're so unattractive, no one will want to rape you"

"Me too, my mother and her mother before her"

"I was 9 years old"

"Only cats and dogs leave me in peace"

"Some details can never be explained, only felt"

"I was a 13-year-old hijabi child wearing an abaya"

Modesty has nothing to do with it. NOTHING.

"It's the suspects fault" ALWAYS.

Sexually harassed "by a father of 2 girls"

Graffiti soon followed under an Arabic version of the hashtag

"I don't know a single woman who hasn't experienced sexual harassment/assault"

"Stand against sexual harassment, whether you're a woman or a man"

Arab men also joined the conversation

"It’s that simple. Raise your sons properly instead of shaming your daughters."

"Because almost every single woman in my life, and that I’ve ever known, has either been assaulted or raped."

For all the women out there: "Do not be silent ... scream"