If you needed yet another reason to obsess over American series, Grey's Anatomy, then you'll be thrilled to know Dr. Dahlia Qadri, the show's first hijabi intern, stole hearts everywhere with one bold, daring move. 

In the show's 13th episode of Season 14, Dr. Qadri took off her hijab and wrapped it around a patient's leg to stop the bleeding in an attempt to save his life.

This single move sent people into a complete meltdown, inciting tears and thank you messages to the show's director, Shonda Rhimes. 

One of those thank you notes was that of Muslim-American filmmaker Iman Zawahry; and it's now going viral

Zawahry expressed her gratitude for the show and expressed how it is to become a new turning point in the film industry and education.

"Two years ago when I first taught 'Islam, Media and Pop Culture' I couldn’t find one good example of positive portrayal of Muslims in television and definitely not a hijabi on camera," she wrote

"Something I’ve been working toward as a Muslim female filmmaker for years," she added.

Her post has since garnered over 20,000 likes and 6,000 shares at the time of writing. 

Clip from the episode

When an injured kid is brought to the hospital with a piece of metal inserted in his left thigh and bruises all over, Dr. Owen Hunt quizzes Dr. Qadri in regard of what to do in the kid's case, as they take him to the CT scan room.

As Dr. Hunt leaves the kid with Dr. Qadri, the boy wakes up and yanks out the metal piece, which leaves him bleeding heavily. 

This is when the heroic move of Dr. Qadri - who is played by Sophia Taylor Ali - comes in, quickly unwrapping her hijab and folding it around his leg. 

Dr. Hunt, who is the hijabi intern's attending, later asked her why she took off her hijab. 

Her reply? 

"It's a symbol of my faith. And my faith is about service and compassion." 

With a few simple words, Dr. Qadri shattered stereotypes about Muslims and made it clear what being a Muslim truly means. 

"This minor, simple line and character shows humanism, understanding and unity in our community," wrote Zawahry. 

"Times, they are changin," she added. 

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