saudi taxi driver harassment

Saudi authorities have arrested a taxi driver after a video of him sexually harassing a female passenger sparked outrage across the kingdom. 

The now-viral footage started making the rounds online late on Sunday and shows a man groping and abusing a woman in the back seat of a car. 

When he notices the victim is filming the incident, he appears to pull out a knife, trying to threaten her. 

Even though tweeps had initially claimed the man worked for a taxi hailing app, Hussain Al Qahtani, official spokesman for Medinah police said the driver was working on his own personal account. 

He also added that the defendant took advantage of the victim who reportedly has communication disabilities. 

The man will now be referred to prosecution and is set to face strict legal consequences. 

*The video is available online but StepFeed chose not to share it due to the publication's ethical guidelines.

Authorities had launched an investigation into the matter

Just hours before the arrest, the kingdom's Public Prosecutor Sheikh Saoud bin Abdullah Al Mo'jab issued an arrest warrant against the man who appeared in the video. 

According to Sabq news site, the arrest order demanded that authorities investigate the incident in order to find the truth behind rumors surrounding it. 

An official statement on the matter also saw authorities stress on the fact that the abuser will face charges even if it turns out that the footage was part of an act. 

The incident sparked online outrage

Even though the details of the incident remain unclear, it continues to make the rounds online and thousands have already reacted to it. 

Some attacked the man who appeared in the footage


Many were left upset by the incident

Others were angered by it

"To be an abuser, that's an unforgivable crime. But to be one who targets people with special needs, taking advantage of their disability, that's just sick." 

While a few thought the video might be fake...

"I felt the entire video is an act." 

Many said that wouldn't excuse the person's actions

"Even if the people in the footage were acting, this man must be held accountable. Our hearts broke over this video." 

People demanded that authorities take action

"Verbal abuse, physical abuse, attempted rape, taking advantage of someone with a disability, negligent driving, not wearing a seatbelt. Just a quick round up and you can see he deserves to spend at least 145 yeas in jail."

Not the first case to be reported in the kingdom

This certainly isn't the first time a female taxi passenger faces sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia. 

Earlier last year, footage capturing a female taxi passenger being assaulted by a driver sparked outrage in the kingdom, eventually leading to the abuser's arrest. 

Sexual harassment continues to be a major issue in Saudi Arabia

"A sexual abuser is a criminal who must be punished. We await the passing of Saudi Arabia's anti-harassment law." 

Several cases of sexual harassment against women have been reported in the kingdom in recent months

Amid the rise in sexual harassment cases, Saudi authorities have become more diligent in the fight against the rise of sexual harassment rates in the kingdom. 

Police departments across the country have made immediate arrests in several abuse cases captured in videos that went viral on social media.

Saudi Arabia is also currently drafting a law that is set to criminalize sexual harassment. Ordered in a royal decree issued by King Salman, the law is set to be passed in the coming few months.