Just days after viral footage capturing a group of men harassing women on a public street in Jeddah's Dorrat Al Arous, Saudi authorities announced the arrest of 7 people that were involved in the incident, Al-Madina newspaper reported. 

The arrests come after the videos sparked outrage across the kingdom, leading Mekkah's Governor, Prince Khaled Al Faisal, to order an urgent investigation into the matter. 

According to Al-Madina, Jeddah police officers were able to identify suspects after they went through tens of videos shot at the scene. 

They are now still searching for several others who are said to be involved in the case. 

The footage had caused a stir in the kingdom

Numerous videos shot by witnesses who were at the scene of the crime went viral just hours after it took place last weekend. 

In one video, tens of men are seen running after a group of women who were walking in a street located in the area, which is known for its beaches and chalets. 

In another, they're seen grabbing a woman by her abaya and cornering a few others who tried to hide in a nearby house.

Many are relieved at the latest news

"May God bless security officials... we await their punishment so that it hopefully deters others from doing the same."

"Every abuser must be shamed"

"And be held accountable for their actions"

"Every man who sexually harasses a woman or does anything inappropriate must be held accountable."

Saudi authorities are becoming more diligent in the fight against sexual harassment

"A sexual abuser is a criminal who must be punished. We await the passing of Saudi Arabia's anti-harassment law." 

In recent months, Saudi authorities have become more diligent in the fight against the rise of sexual harassment rates in the kingdom.

Police departments across the country have made immediate arrests in several abuse cases captured in videos that went viral on social media. 

Saudi Arabia is also currently drafting a law that is set to criminalize sexual harassment. Ordered in a royal decree issued by King Salman, the law is set to be passed in the coming few months.