Species (aka humans) living on Planet Earth have quirky ways of expressing appreciation to some of the most basic things in existence. Designating an international day in celebration of those things is just one way through which appreciation manifests.

From nails to sleep to passwords, there's a day for pretty much anything on this planet. But, what about basic Arab items, gestures, and other things? Don't they deserve a day in honor of their creation?

We think there are 12 things from the Arab world that really, desperately need an international day to mark their existence. Here it goes:

1. The "Dabke" energy

The energetic Arab dance definitely deserves to be celebrated. 

2. The hygienic "Shatafa"

Is there anything better than an International Shatafa Day? 

Hint: The answer is NO.

3. The extremely loud and joyful "Zaghroutas"

Arab celebrations are just not joyful without the presence of zaghroutas (ululations).

4. The symbolic "Keffiyeh"

Source: Jbc News

The symbol of Palestinian and Arab culture and heritage must be celebrated.

5. The historic "Dallah"

Source: Al Bayan

It's as historic as it gets. No Khaleeji household is complete without this coffee pot! 

6. The bold scent of "Bakhour"

Because it's the incense that makes Arab homes unique.

7. The iconic "Sha7ata"

World Sha7ata Day is needed to celebrate the icons of our childhood and every Arab mom's favorite weapon. 

8. The "Ana Bfarjik" hand gesture

This icon deserves its own day because it comes into handy when you're at a loss for words.

9. The beloved dish "Wara2 Enab"

Celebrating this Arab favorite is a must. 

10. The staple "Pita Bread"

The iconic Arabic bread is a staple food across the region and it's delicious when paired with pretty much everything, so what's not to celebrate?

11. The delicious "Zaatar"

Sprinkled on labneh mixed with olive oil or spread on a man'oushe ... who doesn't love zaatar

12. The cheesiest dessert, otherwise known as "Knefeh"

Because we just desperately want to scream "It's World Kunafa Day!" at the top of our lungs.