Shatafa. It is one of those things that sets Arabs/Muslims apart from the rest of the world. 

Shatafa. It's come a long way: from water in a blue gallon to a fancy looking bidet to nozzle faucet sprays to portable ones. 

Shatafa. You need it...except when you totally don't understand it. 

1. People in Japan think they've had a huge technological breakthrough

2. Intimidation Level: Shatafa

"Fancy" is not one of those things typically associated with the Shatafa, but OK.

3. This guy understands the "mechanics" but is still "perplexed"

4. A butt sprayer nightmare

5. This one uses it to refill her fish tanks

Source: Amazon

6. Shatafa = iPad accessory

7. A Shatafa that will order McDonald's for you

Source: Youtube

8. Catafa

9. Australian greetings: "Bidet Mate"

10. Shatafa for potty training?

11. FYI: BAE does not equal BIDET