Hand gestures are the reason Arab conversations resemble a heated wrestling match almost always. Truth be told, conversing with another human just doesn't feel real if hand usage isn't present.

One Twitter user recently posted a photo of one gesture dear to Arabs, accompanied with "Caption This" in his tweet. Lots of Italians, some French, and a few Asians pitched in, but it was the Arab comments we were anticipating.

In the history of gestures, nothing has ever said so much and marked us so deeply as much as this folded one. Arab Twitter users definitely know what we're talking about.

1. In actual words: "Hala2 Bfarjik"

2. "Signature move of Arab mothers when you're in deep shit"

3. "My mom when I misbehave in someone else's house"

4. "Will you just shut up and listen?"

5. "My mom when I do something wrong in front of the guests"

6. "WAIT"

7. "Be a little patient"

8. In other words: "Rou2e"

9. Sibling Threat: "I'll tell my mom"

10. The sign of sweet revenge