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Israel, which was established in 1948, has stolen Palestinian land and claimed it to be its own. It's left millions without a home, without a family, and without the freedom to roam around land that belongs to its people. The illegitimate state continues to murder Palestinians day in and day out.

Israel, a country whose mere existence is illegal, has taken the theft beyond the political and humanitarian sphere. Think cultural theft. Think food theft.

First, they came for our beloved shawarma. Then, they came after our hummus. Now, they've claimed our famous herb zaatar to be their own.

The site My Jewish Learning recently published an article titled "What is Za’atar, the Israeli Spice You Will Want to Sprinkle on Everything" ... and it makes us want to sprinkle them into disappearance

The site, part of the largest Jewish media organization in North America (70 Faces Media), claims zaatar is an Israeli spice. Arabs are debunking that claim. 

"The erasing and appropriation of indigenous culture"

"Hummus and Falafel wasn't enough; now Zaatar too"


"Say what?"

"Can ya'll stop stealing our culture and pretending you did something"

"Zaatar is a Palestinian stable herb"