Footage and images capturing the heartwarming farewell gathering a Saudi family threw for a domestic worker who worked with them for decades won over people's hearts. 

This came after local writer and journalist Motab Al Awwd posted a video of the event on Friday. 

In the clip, generations of the Awaad Khudair Al Shemmari family can be seen lining up to greet Meedo Babu, the worker who had been with them for over 35 years.  

"Awaad Khudair Al Shemmari's family as they bid farewell to Meedu Babu, a domestic worker who had worked with them for over 35 years, in a party during which each family member offered him gifts. This is a true representation of Islam."

People loved it

"Ha'il... generosity and loyalty."

Many hailed the family's gesture

"You deserve a heartfelt salute."

"Our country is proud of people like you"

"These are the values and manners of a true Arab Muslim."

"Such an act is rare"

People hope everyone will follow in this family's footsteps

"OK, we found one family who does this out of a million who mistreat domestic workers. I wish everyone would follow in their footsteps."

Not the first similar farewell to go viral in Saudi Arabia

In November, a Saudi family honored an Egyptian man who'd worked with them for 35 years with a farewell party during which they gifted him a car and many precious gifts. 

In the same month, another family went viral after throwing a goodbye party in honor of an Indian expat who'd worked with them for years.

Earlier this year, a Saudi man's tweet to a Filipino domestic worker who spent 29 years of her life helping raise him also went viral online.