Saudi authorities in Khamis Mushait arrested a stepfather who horrifically beat his 5-year-old stepson, landing him in a hospital intensive care unit, Ajel news site reported on Friday. 

Speaking to the news outlet, the victim's father shared details of the incident, saying his son's condition continues to be critical.

"He has injuries all around his body and is suffering from a severe concussion. When I first went to see him in the ICU, I couldn't even recognize him. Authorities called and told me that something happened to my child and I rushed to Khamis Mushait to see him. I've only been allowed to visit him once and haven't even received the medical examiner's report on his condition," he said. 

The victim had not been living with his biological father at the time of the incident and was in the custody of his mother and her husband. 

His mother was initially arrested with the defendant in the case but was later released. 

The abuse case sparked anger among Saudi tweeps after it made the rounds on Twitter over the weekend. 

People also shared an image of the victim and wished him a speedy recovery. 

Here's a little of what people had to say on the matter:  

"A child, a child... how could he beat him like this? He gave him a concussion."

"People like him shouldn't have authority over their families"

Saudis prayed for the victim to make it through this

"I hope nothing happens to him." 

Everyone called on authorities to take action against child abusers

"Like all other abuse cases... criminals must be held accountable, no matter what their intentions and motives are." 

The case has since been referred to the kingdom's public prosecution

Speaking to Ajel news site, Khaled Abi Al Kail, Saudi Arabia's spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, stated that the case was handled by the ministry's office in Assir governorate.

It has been referred to the kingdom's public prosecution office who is expected to press charges against the abusive stepfather.