Muslims are no strangers to frequently asked *face-palm* inducing questions. "Not even water" is a Ramadan favorite. Praying is a year-round topic that was once conflated with yoga, Muslim yoga to be more specific.

It seems that other forms of bodily movements, such as the basic act of flipping, have been confused with praying as well. One Twitter user's recent exchange with her teacher is a case in point.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, the user starts by telling her followers that she is going to show them how a "Muslimah does a flip." She then proceeds to a couch behind her and does a backflip. Her teacher suddenly walks into the room and asks: "Hey, are you praying?"

The Twitter user followed up her tweet with an extension on how the conversation with her teacher ended. 

"I thought the flipping was a bit strange but I didn't want to be disrespectful," the teacher said mid-conversation. 

The video upload has since amassed over 59,000 views at the time of writing. 


"She manipulated gravity"